Free Will


I have been working, oh so hard.  Emotions are complicated things, you see, and I have so many of them.

Betrayal for the fact that you poisoned what was left.  Fear at the thought of losing my most precious gift.  Anger at the way you so deftly twist my words.  Desperation and the need to make you pay.

You deserve to suffer for what you’ve done.  You deserve to be held accountable for the pain you have caused.  You deserve to be made to own up to your responsibilities; every single one.

But that is a deep dark hole of ilk and negativity and I will not let you drag me into it.  None of it will get me to my goal; what is best for her, what is best for me.

I will keep doing the hard work.  I can overcome the hatred.  I am more powerful than your betrayal.

It is a choice to walk into the light.  Free will is a beautiful thing.

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