Perhaps I should order?

Let me introduce myself: hello, my name is April, and I am a blog-tech-dork. Okay, not completely, but sort of. At present, there are seventeen of you who have kindly chosen to follow this fledgling blog of mine, because for some reason you’ve decided you are interested in what I have to say. (Either that, or you find my ramblings are great fodder for illustrating to friends and family what not to say, perhaps?) So by now, I’m sure you have all seen the lovely and informative post including “J4WZWGUEEKR2”; for that, I must apologize. Or at the very least, explain…

Rest assured, it is not spam, nor is it a virus. Your internet security is safe, at least from the reaches of my verbal ramblings. It was actually a claim code to a website called Technorati, which is a site designed to help enable blogs to become more searchable and shareable to the webiverse. In researching ways to expand my writing audience I had stumbled onto this site, and thought it might be helpful to join (because, clearly, my goal of world-blog-domination needs further assistance; a 17-count is a bit thin, domination-wise). As I went through the motions of adding my blog “claim” to their ranks, I was schooled in just how NOT blog-tech-friendly I currently am. True, this is my first foray into the online writing world. But still, I thought “I’m a fairly intelligent female; I’m pretty darn computer savvy; I have a master’s degree; I work on a computer for a living; I can do this, right?” (I can hear the Technorati help staff laughing in the background already…) So, I decided to sign up.

First step: fill out their profile info, enter my blog details, and submit my form. Shortly after that I received my ‘confirmation’ email, and waited. And waited, and waited some more. It wasn’t until about four days later, after waiting even longer (and thinking to myself it was taking way too long for their ‘validation’ process), I investigated a little further and realized I wasn’t supposed to be waiting for additional verification, I was supposed to be doing something. *eyeroll*  That ‘something’ involved the cryptic claim code you all have now seen. I was supposed to put this somewhere on my blog so they could independently verify that it was mine, and proceed from there.  Sheesh; work was involved!

Next step: where to put it? Well, not only did I need to place it in a post, I had to ensure it would be received by them through my RSS feed. Now, I do know what an RSS feed is. However, let me tell you, it took me just about forever to find the actual web address of my WordPress RSS feed to type in on the Technorati site.  It’s not as easy as you would think; they don’t just list it for you in the FAQ’s, or account profile, or somewhere logical like that. With the help of Google answers (because apparently several others have encountered this conundrum) I finally found it. Now to apply the code to the blog…

I finally felt I was making some progress.  At this point it did occur to me that when I posted the code, I didn’t really want the world to be blasted with it. So I did a little more investigating and I thought I had successfully turned off the publish option before I posted the claim code. Needless to say, I was clearly mistaken. This was evidenced by a couple of helpful family members (who are currently also subscribed) calling to ask me something like, “What was that really weird post you sent out, it was just numbers and a code? No story? Was it a joke?” This meant that everyone else had gotten it, too. Great – fail. *facepalm*

On the upside, the code worked, and my blog claim is now in ‘final review’.  I’m pretty darn sure at this point there is no additional action required on my part (though I’ve been checking frequently just to make sure I didn’t miss anything, again).  On the downside, I’ve now clearly shown my lack of blog-site-savvy, and should probably check Amazon to see if the Dummies series has any helpful volumes to offer.  I’m sure I’ll get the hang of it eventually, and hopefully won’t have to use any future subscribers as unwilling guinea pigs.  For those of you that already were, my apologies; I blame the complex, technical beast that is the blogosphere!  But if you can hang with me and keep on reading, I promise to keep the ‘mystery codes’ to a minimum.